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Day trip to Madrid?

I am not a "big city" person and prefer small, atmospheric towns. In the Spain book, RS says stay in Madrid and day trip to surrounding cities. Any advice on flipping that and staying in Segovia and day tripping into Madrid? Would Segovia be entertaining enough, or would I miss a great deal by not staying in Madrid? It also will be our 1st stop (jet lag) so I'm thinking Segovia could be a more gentle start to our trip.

At the end our our route we will stay in Toledo before flying home.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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You certainly could. But central Segovia is quite a distance from the train station. You have to take a bus back and forth each time.

Central Segovia is pretty small. It is typically a daytrip because it is so small. Will you get bored? Hard to say as we don't know you and you'd more likely spend most of your time in Madrid.

I find Madrid to be a very easy city. Not nearly as crowded/dirty/noisy as most major European cities.

Perhaps someone else has ideas of nearby towns on a commuter train line with easy access in-out of Madrid to consider.

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You'll only scratch the surface of a part of Madrid on a daytrip. Spend a few nights there to really enjoy it! Then go to Segovia and Toledo. Or spend your first few nights in Segovia before Madrid and Toledo. It's great having choices.

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I agree that Segovia is a great place to visit, but I don't think you will want to spend several days there. And you are less likely to find English speakers there, too. There is way too much to do in Madrid to do it as a daytrip! It is an easy city to get around in.

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Madrid is one of my least favorite places in Spain. It's not historic, it was made the capital after the American colonial cities were up and running. The Prado museum is the only true must see IMO. I liked Temple Debod (but it's Egyptian). The Cathedral, Palace, etc. are all skip-able.

Lodging is also higher priced and lower quality in Madrid than elsewhere, as is the food.

A daytrip from Toledo would work because Atoche station, where you will arrive in Madrid, is only a few blocks from the Prado.

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If you want to day trip from Segovia to Madrid, there is a bus that gets you to Madrid in 75 minutes. The station is near the historic center of Segovia. The round trip cost is a little over 14 euro, which you can just buy at the station. Before you return, you have to validate the ticket at the Madrid station. The buses run at least hourly until about 8 in the evening.