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Day trip to Girona from Barcelona

We are trying to do a day trip from Barcelona to Girona this next week. We went to the TI office and there was only one train ride in at 7:30am and only one train ride back to Barcelona at 9:45am. She said no bus rides to Girona. Anyone else have any ideas on how to get to Girona. It’s not even in Ricks travel book on Spain. Any help was appreciated!

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Yeah, i dont think that information is correct. Just a quick google trip from barcelona to girona shows a dozen options of public transportation (38 minute train ride, hour and a half bus ride, etc). For example on Monday, AVE 34071 from Barcelona Sants to Girona at 9:45AM, arriving at 10:23AM. Coming back to BArcelona there are tons of options, about every half hour.

I would go to the RENFE website instead of the TI office.

(origin will be Barcelona-Sants and destination will be Girona). Tons of same day options.

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For sure there is not only 1 train to Girona from Barcelona a day, you may have misunderstood the TI office lady. There are about 28 high-speed trains to Girona on Monday alone:
plus many more train times for our regional trains, which cannot be pre-booked.

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andreaosmith1, Andrea I guess, the very old part of Girona is wonderful. As others have said, there are many trains throughout the day, some fast AVE trains and more expensive, others slower and less expensive. The old stone town has Roman walls to walk upon, two or three museums, a lovely cathedral, lots of restaurants, some excellent, and shops, and loads of beautiful stone lanes, often featured in Game of Thrones. It is a long walk from the train station to old town, and while parts, along the River, are nice, they are nowhere near as nice as the old town, I think. So, I encourage you to travel at least one way, from and to the station, if not both, by taxi or public bus.

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I disagree that it is a long walk from the railway station to the "old" city centre. It's only 10 or 15 minutes walk from the station to Pont de Pedra, and whilst the walk is through fairly dull parts, it is flat and you get to see the "modern" city centre. Then from the bridge it's an increasingly picturesque walk along the river to the principal sights. Assuming you stop occasionally along the way to look around or rest, I doubt you'd spend more than 20 or 30 minutes walking in each direction. So not really "long".

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Larry, perhaps you're mistaken with Figueres (home of the main Dalí Museum). In fact, in Figueres there are two stations, and the one for the fast train is about 2 miles from the city centre. The regional trains though stop in the centre, not far from the museum. In Girona however, there's only one station, which is at barely 15-20' walk from the Old City.