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Day trip from Seville -- Cadiz or the White Hill Towns?

We'll be staying in Seville for a few days and are planning to rent a car for one day to explore some other areas. We're going to drive to Tarifa, but hope to stop on the way to see either Cadiz or one of the White Hill Towns (probably Arcos de la Frontea or Ronda). It'll just be a day trip, so we don't want to do too much. If you had to choose, would you recommend Cadiz over the White Hill Towns or vice versa? Cadiz isn't even mentioned in the RS book, but several videos I've seen make it look really appealing. But then the White Towns look amazing, too.... ??

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This is a personal preference question. With a rental car I’d visit Ronda and Arcos de la Frontera. Cadiz is ok in my opinion and good for a few hours, but doesn’t compare to Sevilla. No idea what the draw to Tarifa is, as there are no “must see” sights there. I’d skip it. I’m sure others will suggest Carmona or Córdoba as potential day trips and there’s nothing wrong with either.

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Hi there. Thanks for your reply. We want to go to Tarifa so we can look across the strait, but without the hassle of going through customs/more Covid protocols to get into Gibraltar. Does that make sense? Not being sarcastic, just really not sure if that's a good plan. Open to any advice.

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I visited Cadiz as a cruise stop. I liked my day there and would like to go again

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In lieu of going someplace to "see" something I recommend going to Cadiz to experience the town. There is actually quite a number of experiences to be gained in a day trip to Cadiz. Pass on Tarifa.
By train you can make the journey in 90 minutes and pre purchased tickets are around $30 each. I recommend leaving the driving to others and enjoy your journey.

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I'd opt for Cadiz myself, it quite popular to visit with local Spaniards. Friend of mine just went there and they really enjoyed it, great seafood! If you must drive to Tarifa, on the way be sure to stop at the stunning ancient Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, an entire Roman city right on the beach.

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Google maps shows about 5 hours driving time Sevilla-Cadiz-Tarifa-Sevilla. It's just a little longer to Arcos instead of Cadiz. That doesn't include the time to rent the car or to find parking or if you run into traffic, especially in/out of Sevilla.

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I agree with others that maybe you should rethink going to Tarifa. Sevilla to either Ronda or Cadiz to Tarifa and return to Sevilla is a very long daytrip. And if you are going in the summer it is a long HOT day. Your idea of going to either Cadiz or Ronda would make for a much more manageable and unrushed daytrip. Do your research and I think it will come down to your personal preference as to which to choose. The Sevilla, Cadiz, Tarifa route seems shorter. I can appreciate your desire to see Africa from the coast and it can be clearly seen from Tarifa, so if that is your personal preference then you can make it all work. I have never been to Tarifa but if you go all that distance, check out the town too. Can you afford to take a night away from Sevilla and stay in either Ronda or Cadiz on your return to Sevilla?

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You can see the coast around Tangier from Vejer de la Frontera, a pleasant white town about halfway between Cádiz and Tarifa. Maybe that could be a "compromise" option, combined with Arcos or with Cádiz? You'll save a fair amount of travel time.