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Dali Museum Visit

My wife and I are planning a trip to Figueres to visit the Dali Museum Mid-May but am having some trouble with the Dali website ( but can only seem to purchase tickets in advance for the weekends only? Is the museum only open on the weekends in May? According to Ricks' books, they do have weekday hours but we can't book advance tickets? Has anyone gone or tried this recently? Our plan would be to to the museum on a weekday if possible in hopes of reducing the crowd potential. Any help would be appreciated.


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The museum is definitely open during that time. I did see lots of availabilities in July and August, but only weekends in May. There are two explanations for this: either the weekdays are all out of availabilities or they haven't opened them yet. I would recommend contacting the museum directly to find out there are still tickets for the day you want to go:

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Actually, I very much doubt that the reason is that they are out of availability for May. I'm quite sure that the answer is much simpler...

There is no need to book advance tickets for the month of May, during the week, because they are unlikely to reach capacity then. If you look at March and April, the same booking pattern is available for the Museo-Teatro Dalí. It makes sense that all days are available for advance bookings during the busy summer months, but only the week-ends for the rest of the time.

I have been there twice and never had the need to advance book. The last time had been in May as well, during the week. The area around the museum was very quiet and the museum itself was busy, but not too crowded.

Here are the opening times:

Now, the Casa-Museo in Cadaqués is a different story... that one is best to be reserved in advance at all times!

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I only wanted to pre-buy tickets to miss any lines. Sounds like that won't be an issue. Thank you both for your help.

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We were there this past May - we went on a Friday - we had about 30 - 45 mins in line. It was not too bad - there was a school group that day = but still not too crowded.