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Curious about Valencia

I just returned from a trip to Spain. We spent a night in Valencia on our way from Granada to Barcelona and enjoyed our short stay there and were wondering why Rick doesn’t cover it in his guide book?

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Probably because every book has a fixed limit of pages, and every author has to make tradeoffs on what to include and exclude based on what h/she thinks will appeal most to h/her core audience. I'm personally very happy some places are off Rick's radar.

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I love Valencia; it is one of my favorite Spanish cities.

But a guidebook cannot cover everything. I get why it is left off. Somewhat off the beaten path and without a dominate tourist attraction(s). It really isn't for the hordes. Which may be one reason I like it so much...

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Not the first time and certainly not the last time this has come up. I agree Valencia and environs are delightful, but I get the feeling Rick's books are not meant to be the end all guide to any particular country, they have their territory staked out and they know their market. I can name a handful of other large European cities (yet equally fantastic), which Rick glosses over, Lyon, Bologna, and Wroclaw come to mind...