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Crowds during gay pride parade, how will this affect our trip?

Just found out we will be in Madrid during the Gay Pride parade celebration. Looking for info on how crowded it will be in Madrid and will trains in and out Madrid and restaurants be affected?

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A couple of years ago we were in Madrid during Gay Pride. We stumbled upon some big drinks being sold on the street in Chueca, the gay part of Madrid. Eventually we found a schedule of events and there were some very well known singers who were going to perform a little later in the night, so we stayed and waited, waited. The part of the city filled up and was very packed with people, gay people, straight people, families with small children - everyone. In fact the singer we wanted to see was scheduled to sing at 11:00 pm., but had still not shown up by 3:00 a.m. We later found out that the crowds were so thick, they couldn't get to the stage.

Here is the website:

It includes a schedule of events and a map of where the events will take place. If you'd like to avoid the crowds, arrange your tour around the events. Most of the stuff happens late at night.

Have fun!