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CPAP in Spain

This will be the first trip to Barcelona and we now have to take a CPAP with us.. Where can I buy distilled water and does anybody know the words for it as I speak no Spanish at all?

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I have not been to Spain, but in Portugal, Belgium and France, you get distilled water at the pharmacy.

Just check google translate for the term. Also tell the pharmacist it's for a CPAP machine. One pharmacist tried to give us sterile saline, but when I said CPAP machine, they knew what I needed.

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Aigua destil·lada (in Catalan, the local language, pronounced "ah-ee-goo-ah das-tee-lah-dah")

Better try in a supermarket, it's going to be easier and cheaper. There are tons of supermarkets in the city: Caprabo, Carrefour, Alcampo, Consum, Mercadona, Sorli Discau. Lidl... also at the El Corte Inglés department stores and also in many neighbourhood convenience stores.

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Agree about the supermarket, near the laundry/ironing goods.

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Thanks so much for the help. I will print this out.

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Does your CPAP humidifier disconnect from the rest of the machine? If it does, consider leaving it at home. Mine does separate and after testing it a few nights at home, decided I could live with the added dryness and left the humidifier home. Saved some space and weight in addition to the headache of finding distilled water. I kept some water by the bed and brought a few straws so I could take a drink without removing the mask. That worked well and helped with the dryness.

If yopu need to shop for water in Spain, you can ask for "agua destilada."

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The last time I needed distilled water in Europe (maybe it was France) I went into a Target. Same logo, same floor plan. Be sure you buy distilled water in the ironing area and not Lavender Water which I have seen in the ironing area in Belgium!

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Hello Sandy,

I’ve had a CPAP for many years and have never used distilled water in the humidifier, just plain old tap water.

It does cause a build-up of scale in the humidifier pan but that is easily removed by removing the pan and adding a strong vinegar solution to the pan – within a couple of hours the scale dissolves and you just rinse it out. And it’s back to new.

The CPAP machine has never suffered from using tap water.

I’m sure you could get away with it for a short holiday.