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covid testing 48 hours before arriving to spain

This set of instructions has me puzzled. We are meant to have a covid test done 48 houts before arrival to spain, and the results from the test are sent to our email within 48 hrs of having done the test.
We travel to spain on a ferry crossing that takes 24 hours and another 6 of travel in England to get to the port.
Are we supossed to take the test and set out on our journey before we get the result back? are we supposed to travel to spain and arrive to spain within 48 hours of receiving a negative result (in which case we would be taking the test 4 days before we travel)?
I have spent all evening reading and i am as lost and answerless as i started (not sure that is a word).
If someone could help me, and maybe add a link of anything official to give me a hand that would be great.
Thank you in advance for your help!!!
This question comes after spain changed their requirements to cross their borders on the 28th of June 2021.

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When is your trip?

Are you and everyone in your traveling party fully vaccinated?

What country's passport do you hold?

Where are you looking for the information on entering Spain?

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How early can you have a PCR test before flying?

I’ve seen people saying up to 72 hours, however on the (Spain travel health) website it says the sample must be taken no more than 48 hours prior to arrival in Spain.

Thanks in advance,

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Where are you coming from and what is your route/timing?

I am guessing but I gather that you are coming from 'somewhere' that has you in England for 6 hrs before boarding a boat for a 24 hour trip to Spain. ??

A few more details might help in getting an answer.

Otherwise contact the Spanish Embassy/Consulate and ask them what the procedure is for you journey