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Covid ruling for admission to spain

Hi all
My son is going to Spain on Friday
He has had 1 jab but also he has had covid 8 weeks ago and now is all well thank god
As his nhs records show he has had a jab and has had covid doe he still need to take a pcr test before he fly or does he not ?
I appreciate any comments and help
S Burns

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I would have him take one just to have the records of a negative test. We have had both shots, but still plan to get a test 72 hours before we arrive, just in case rules change - and they do with short notice.

He is technically not fully vaccinated, even though he had the virus and recovered. Spain can look at it two ways to allow him to enter. It's not that difficult to get a test and bring results with.

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This website might be helpful. Entry requirements vary depending on your country of origin.

I plugged in the UK. Spain requires proof of FULL vaccination, meaning 14 days since 2nd dose (which means he is not fully vaccinated), or negative test (not the antigen test) within 72 hours of entering Spain. There is no mention of previously having COVID having any bearing on entry into Spain, so I would assume they don’t care. So he needs a negative test.

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Thank you also for the reply its been a minefield
I'll let you all know how he gets on at the airport 👊

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The website is very clear. The fact that he has had Covid is irrelevant to the Spanish. He needs a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival and he must complete a pre-travel declaration form.