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COVID-19 Live Situational Map for Spain

Hi all, I found this fantastic resource for anyone wanting to get a good understanding of the current COVID-19 situation in Spain, down to the regional, and even municipal level. It's a live map that is updated daily, with everything from future potential risk, to virus contagion rates (R), regional mobility of people, current cases, and regional reopening phases. The only thing is that it's in Spanish, but you can understand the map without the need for too much Spanish, I think it's possible to translate the entire page depending on which web-browser you are using.

Anyway here is the COVID-19 Live Situational Map for Spain:

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Yes there has been a new COVID-19 outbreak detected in the Huesca province of the region of Aragon. The outbreak has been linked to three agricultural villages, which has prompted the region to reinstate Phase 2 restrictions. The final part of the national phased reopening scheme gives the Autonomous Regions the flexibility to reinstate restrictions to deal with any new localised outbreaks.

The Heath Ministry has assured us that the new outbreak is already under control, I really hope that is the case and that they are not talking too soon.