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Couple looking for intentional community for extended stay in Spain

We are a couple in our 60s from North Carolina, USA, looking to spent a few months in Spain sometime during the latter half of 2021. Ideally we'd like to find a community of local Spaniards and internationals where we can find fellowship and contribute in some way. Leslie is fluent in Spanish and likes working in a kitchen. She was a public health researcher for over 35 years. She is very organized and outgoing, and loves to dance. Thomas is a former high school social studies teacher, currently working as a learning specialist/academic coach and a community educator specializing in participatory learning. He enjoys being in nature, coordinating gardens, and loves new cultural experiences.

We are interested in learning of opportunities, organizations, and resources that would help guide our search. We are also interested in any similar experiences others might have to share.

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Have you heard of WorkAway? Essentially, you are providing some level of "work" in exchange for a cultural experience. Obviously, reading reviews and being careful about a host is essential. Also, check out Diverbo. This program is English immersion for non-English speakers. You, as the native English speaker, are the conversation partner.

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We are a couple in our 60s looking to spend a few months in Spain sometime during the latter half of 2021

You do not say where you are from, so perhaps it is somewhere not subject to the 90 day rule?

EDIT-- " I have added our point of origin, North Carolina, USA, to our posting"
Good to know I hadn't missed the incredibly obvious when I made my original post

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We are a couple in our 60s from North Carolina, USA

It appears that you will be subject to the Schengen rules, that is no more than 90 days in any 180 - will just under 3 months be enough for you? Or will you leave Spain for a non-Schengen country for enough time during your sojourn to stay within the 90/180?

It is an important consideration - goofing up on it has put a lot of people into a lot problems.

You didn't say if you are a Spanish or EU dual citizen so I'm assuming not.

Sorry that I can't help with the rest of your question.

Do be sure though that you won't be working (even volunteer or in exchange for room and board) without the correct visa.

I hope you have a wonderful sojourn.

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Thank you all for your input! We will not be staying for more than 90 days, probably just 2 months, maybe a bit more depending on how things go. We are aware of the visa requirements for working. I have added our point of origin, North Carolina, USA, to our posting. We do have a Work Away profile as well. Thanks again! Good insights!

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Bravo! And wishing you both much goodwill. Would politely suggest you give more thinking to WHERE in Spain, and what kind of ambience/lifestyle choices you may want to experience when not 'contributing in some way', and narrow down, focus, and begin to research and develop possible relationships with people and entities with whom and which you could form a mutually productive bond. When you've narrowed your scope to a particular region of Spain then, and only then, will you discover a wealth of options. How ever it all works out — enjoy your visit to Spain.

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Check the Foundation for Intentional Communities (

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An intentional community (title) did make me curious🤗