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Cordoba Pharmacy

We are on a long holiday in Spain - 2 months. The local pharmacies here in Cordoba are willing to fill my husband's US prescription but they don't carry HumilunR, his regular insulin in Spain.
(I'm not looking for medical advice.)
Does anyone have experience with a pharmacy in Cordoba that is used to dealing with American equivalent pharmaceuticals? Thank you in advance.

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In no one here has a suggestion, you might try the tourist office in Cordoba. It may well have dealt with this problem before.

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Did you ask the pharmacist where you could get medical assistance for this? Often they can prescribe or should be able to do a little research on it. There is no generic equivalent for this and a concentrated high dose, so you may need a physician i tervention for assessment and new prescription.

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Thank you for the suggestions. We started popping into pharmacies to inquire about the equivalent insulins here in Spain. It took a few tries but the 4th pharmacist we spoke with was able to research, locate the insulin, and sell it to us using my husband's US doctor's prescription.
14 Euro. I love Spain!