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Cordoba and Mezquita Mosque on a Sunday?

How much time should I allow to visit the Mezquita Mosque?

Unless I rearrange my itinerary, we arrive in Cordoba on a Saturday afternoon, and visit the mosque on Sunday (only open 8:30 - 11:30 or 3 - 7). Then tour the rest of Cordoba during the remainder of the day. We are spending 2 nights in Cordoba.

The alternative is to visit Granada first, which is not preferable due to travel time from Madrid, or visit Cordoba as a day trip from Seville on another day.


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2 hours there should cover most of it, 3 if you're really interested in the fine details. Remember it's not just a historical mosque but it's actually a working cathedral too, right in the same building. So if you go in the morning you'll probably be among the Sunday service.

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It's a good idea to take binoculars to the Mesquita to see the beautiful detail on the ceilings and the Qibla. I doubt anyone spends more than 3 hours inside. It could well be that it's closed those hours for masses on Sundays. It's worth walking around outside to see the detailed, especially the various doors.

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I would go to Granada first but not due to Mezquita timing but just because Granada is so much fun on the weekend. I spend about 1.5 hours inside the Mezquita, even though I have seen it 3 times I still would want at least 1.5 hours. As far as day trips go it is hard to say without knowing your total nights in Granada and Seville. If you have less 3 or less nights in Seville I would not cut a day there to day trip to Cordoba. Enjoy your trip J

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Thank you for the suggestions. The plan was to go to Madrid for 3 nights , cordoba 2 nights, Granada 1 night, and Seville 3 nights. That lands is in Cordoba on Saturday and Sunday, which makes the most sense logistically. We fly out of Sevilla.