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Connecting Flight in Barcelona


We have a direct flight from SFO to Barcelona in June on United, landing at 2 pm. We will not be checking luggage for this flight, just doing carry on. Since we fly in and out of Barcelona for our two week trip, we want to immediately fly to Seville to start our journey and spend our time in Barcelona at the end of the trip. We want to book a 3:50 pm flight out of Barcelona to Seville on Vueling. My question is, will this be enough time to get to the next flight? Obviously if our plane is delayed or passport control is out of hand for some reason, we're in trouble. But given we're not checking bags and the airlines are both in terminal 1, I'm curious if anyone has had experience with this turn around time. The next option is a 5:40 departure and spending almost 4 hours in the airport after a long flight doesn't sound fun. Any advice appreciated, thanks in advance!

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Have you looked at Vueling's carry-on bag limitations--- dimensions and weight?

You may be forced to check you bag. I do not know if you can gate check it or not. You will need to know the answer to that question

You need Swiss watch precision to successfully pull off making the 3:50 flight, with bags that unquestionably conform to Vueling's regulations.

The moon and so many stars need to be aligned to make this work, I would not be inclined to try.

You may have a different risk tolerance, which is perfectly fine.

Good luck

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Thanks for the response. We have to pay extra for carry-on/checked bag so we plan to just check our bags. After reading, looks like there are self-serve kiosks and conveyer belts for checked luggage, so it sounds like a quick process.

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I'd book the earlier flight myself (providing the aggravation of missing the 2nd flight isn't too high.) I'd check the ontime record for the first flight though-- and assuming it's normally on time, I'd go for it.

Good luck! Happy travels.

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Thanks! The flight route on United is new, starts in May. So unfortunately, no history. 2 flights on vueling after hours, so the hope is if we miss it we can hop on one of those. Still deciding!