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COLLEGE ID CARDS sufficient as proof of student or ISIC needed? an ISIC (international student identity card) needed for students to get a discount on museums in Spain?
I'd rather not go through the hassle of applying (and paying) to get 3 for my's just an extra expense and my trip is only 2 weeks away. I was hoping that museums and other places that offer student discounts would accept student ID cards from my kids' colleges and high school.

Has anyone had any experience with this?

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Our daughter departs this week for study abroad in Spain and based upon the counsel of students who have recently completed their studies in Spain and the International Studies Program at her university she is NOT purchasing separate identification. The students comments were the majority of time they would simply ask for the student ticket, when making the purchase at the site, and receive the discount and the few times they were asked to show ID their college card sufficed.

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Thank you. I think I will skip the hassle and expense of trying to get ISIC card and tell my kids to bring their college and high school IDs.

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The point of the ISIC is so that museums don't have to try to identify or judge the validity of IDs from myriad schools in the world. There may not be enough student discounts to make it worthwhile, so you might as well try without it. For discounts based on age, a passport is the proper ID.

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I am a elementary school teacher and I often am able to get discounts and sites around Europe. Sometimes free entry, some times the student fair. There is such a thing as a International Teacher Identity Card, but I have never used it. I show my Ontario Collage of Teachers card and that works in many places. Even in New York I have been offered a student price. I am sure the same will apply for students.