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Closures 2019 Whit Monday

Arriving on June 8th for first trip to Barcelona. Only there four days and want to get as much in as possible. Just read that Monday, June 10th is Whit Monday. Does this holiday cause tourist sights to be closed? Which major sights should I expect to be closed and which open?

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I think you'll find that the major sights in Barcelona will be open, but you don't have to guess. Google for the official website for each place you want to go and check.

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I don't recall any "main" site being close that day -keep in mind the principal "tourists" in our own museums are ourselves, so when it's a bank holiday, many residents also do "tourist stuff" in our own city. Furthermore note that many sites that are normally closed on Mondays do open on festive Mondays, such as June 10th 2019. But again, to ensure the site you want to visit is open, do check the individual website.

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We were planning to get tickets to the Sagrada Familia for the first entry in the morning of June 10th. The calendar has opened up and it appears almost every day that is open has times available at 9:00...EXCEPT THE 10TH! The first availability is 10:30! I'm wondering if there is a special reason for this or if I'm just highly unlucky. Could there be some event being held that morning and that would delay the opening to the public? I know it is Whit Monday, but didn't think it might affect entries. But in looking at Pentecost Sunday (the day before), it looks like 10:30 is also the first available time. So do you think 10:30 is the first entry on Monday as well?