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Christmas week in Madrid

It looks like I may be spending Christmas week in Madrid this year. Does anyone have experiences or ideas that might help?

For example, is the place hopping for Christmas, or is it totally shut down? Are there any special Christmas experiences that I should check out? What happens on Christmas Day in Madrid?

Any info or thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I've not been to Madrid before.

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Our only experience is with Seville in southern Spain, and it was pretty shut on about noon on Christmas eve through day. Don't know if Madrid would be the same but it might be wise to anticipate nothing until better informed.

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Frank and Wonderful, Thanks so much. This is great information, and the web sites will be very useful in planning.

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Spain's big day is Jan. 6th, also known as Three Kings Day, the Epiphany or the Twelfth Day of Christmas. They start celebrating on December 25th so there will be more masses at churches and hopefully some other Christmas related activities.

Since Madrid is a big city, I doubt it will seem shut down.

It can get really cold in northern Spain during the winter, keep an eye on the long range weather forecast and bring some warm stuff even if it looks like it won't be too bad.