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Certificate of Recovery

Did anybody used "certificate of recovery?" What is it?
I have + COVID by PCR on Dec 26, so I'll be within 180 days' time period entering Spain early June. I did Rite Aid's Project Baseline by verily PCR test, it just states my name and "positive" result, no info otherwise, doesn't even say it is PCR.
Need note from my PCP, I guess, issued "withing 11 days" from Dec 26, testifying recovery? Will this note plus "positive" test result satisfy SpTH?
Did anybody enter this info into SpTH app/web site successfully and received a QR code???
Many thanks in advance for sharing!

Certificate of recovery from the virus issued in the last 180 days. The certificate must have been issued at least 11 days after the confirmation of the infection with COVID-19 by a PCR or antigen test performed by professionals.<<<<<