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Has anyone traveled to CERCEDILLA?

My daughter is moving their to teach English.



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What type of city is Cercedilla? Is it easy to get there from Madrid? Did you feel safe in Cercedilla.

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Anyone? Yes. Working in this office? Not that I know of. See also

Direct trains from Madrid run just a couple of times per day and take 1.5 hours.

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It's a little village of less than ten thousand souls in the Guadarramas. It has no industry. It's commerce consists of supporting itself and the weekend and summer house people from Madrid. It's a good base for easy hiking. Most tourists not staying in their own secondary homes are Spanish. I've never heard anybody there speaking English, so I'd assume she'd be the only American.

Lucky she. Unlucky you if she never comes home.

Edit: Missed the safety question.

It must be okay since there's no municipal police force. There is a Guardia Civil place out on the east end of town, but they're the federal fuzz who, in rural area, act kind of like sheriff deputes and cover a lot of territory with just a few people. Crime is pretty boring in most of Spain.

If she's a plutz, she might pop an ankle hiking, climbing, skiing, or something. Spain has no poisonous snakes. The water is fine. What else?