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Catabrian mountains hiking in Spain

We would like to spend June and a part of July hiking in the Spanish Catabrians. Can anyone recommend some quiet moderate (no rope and pitons) hikes that might have several clustered not far apart so we won't have to spend a lot of time driving? Most of the hiking discussed on the internet are in highly trafficked areas.

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Most North Americans visiting Spain never make it up to the Cantabrian Mountains (note spelling), let alone the less traveled parts. I've only hiked the known places like Fuente Dé and Covadonga Lakes around the Picos de Europa National Park, which I did not find overly touristed in September. May want to look up a forum specifically for hiking enthusiasts in Europe.

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It´s a very wide area and with many different areas. Where specifically would you stay as a base? All northern Spain is very mountainous and distances are long, there´s not an area called "Spanish Cantabrians" but many mountain ranges.

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Thank you for the replys Carlos and Mikelbasqueguide. I have not figured out as yet where in the Cantabrians I want to hike. I am looking for info where an area might be that is not touristy yet has a number of decent hiking and climbs so that I don't have to drive many kilometers to a trail head each day. If I knew of such an area that's where I would try to find lodging and establish a base.