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Carnival in Cadiz

Has anyone been to Carnival in Cadiz? Recommendations? It looks like it could be fun, there are many different activities-not into staying up all night partying but interested in parades, truly unique cultural experiences...

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I day-tripped from Jerez for the first Sunday of Carnival, nearly 7 years ago. I arrived about 1 pm and there were a few people in costume. I didn't see any "special events". As the day progressed more and more people arrived in costumes, mostly youngsters (teens and 20s) in groups as small as 2 up to a dozen or more in matching or coordinated costumes. I had enough time to see most of the city's sights as well as enjoy the festive atmosphere, and a very pretty sunset over the ocean (around 7 pm). By 8 it was dark, had a bit of a walk around to see the lights among crowds mainly of youngsters getting inebriated and a little rowdy, then happily made my way back to the train station where I felt like a salmon swimming upstream as throngs of youths came off the train, bottles in hand.

I had originally thought to spend a couple nights in Cadiz, but the rates were steep, while in Jerez they were definitely low season.

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Haven’t been, but if you decide to go and spend the night, lodging might be cheaper in Rota or Puerto de Santa Maria, and you could take the ferry to Cadiz from either of those towns.