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Carnival in Barcelona, February 2020

Hello everyone, my family and I are staying in Barcelona the third week in February and I am trying to determine if we will be in town for the beginning of the Carnival celebrations. Specifically, I would like to attend the L'arribo, the parade marking the arrival of the carnival king. Unfortunately, I am receiving conflicting information about the event this year. The date of L'arribo is listed as 2/20 here and 2/28 here. Can anyone help clear up my confusion? Thank you!

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Since "Fat Tuesday" is Feb 25, 2020 this year, It cannot possibly be Feb 28, which is the third day of Lent, a time of fasting and repentance.

PS. Both links you give state L'aribbo is Feb 20.

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Barcelona's official City Council website:


the date appearing is that of last year. This year's is not yet announced. Keep looking at that website.

Also, for info, if you're going to be "around" those dates, consider going on Tuesday evening to Sitges' carnival most crazy day: You can reach Sitges by train, it's just 40' from Barcelona and on that night there are trains going back and forth all night long (they used to be anyway!). Note that the town's population is 30,000 and on that day there are around 200,000 attendees

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Thank you Sam and Enric. I intended to link the Barcelona city website next to the 2/28 date in my original message - so the fact that it has not yet been updated explains my confusion. I appreciate your help and I will keep checking for updates!
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