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Car rental in Seville

Any advice on rental company you liked and had a good experience with? We need to rent in Seville for a day trip or maybe overnight or two. I suppose most of the international companies are there?

Also, has anyone rented in one city and returned in another? Curious if that is feasible, and affordable, or really expensive. We may need to rent car in Seville and end up (drop off) in Granada.

Thank you!

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Hello from Wisconsin,
We rented in Cordoba and returned in Seville. I don't think we were charged a dead head charge. I used Auto Europe to find the low price offering. The car actually rented from Europecar.

I have tried to rent directly from Europecar and can't beat the price. I have tried tie-in rentals and the price has never been as good as what Auto Europe finds. Europecar also has had people behind the desk with excellent English skills and knowledge of the locality.

Our Spain rental was for a few weeks and the price was in the $12 to 16/day range. A one day rental won't be any where that good. I get my rental insurance free through my credit card. Other wise you might pay $20/day or more for insurance alone. having a second driver can cost $15/day. Be careful what you ask for.

wayne iNWI

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I also start with AutoEurope and then compare with direct rentals. I end up almost always using Europcar. Sometimes it's a better deal directly, sometimes better through AutoEurope. You have to been careful with the fine print! Sometimes there are fees included in a direct rental that aren't included in the AutoEurope price.

Twice I rented in Andalucia, twice point-to-point. I didn't compare with returning in the same city because it would have meant wasting time backtracking. Once I went from Jerez to Granada, once Sevilla to Cordoba (not directly :-). The rates were very reasonable.

Where do you want to go on a day trip or overnight from Sevilla? Most are as easy by train, or maybe even easier. Note the hours of the rental agencies. A single day rental may mean leaving the city after 9 am and having to return by late afternoon. If you are planning a night or more between Sevilla and Granada through the hill towns, it makes sense to rent a car (that's why I took a car both times). Otherwise, train and/or bus is usually much better.

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AutoEurope is popular on this forum. I have always rented from Avis and it’s always been a good experience. I’ve also picked up and dropped off at the same location. There will be a fee for dropping off in another city, but I don't think it’s terrible. When you reserve the car (I assume before going over), the website will show that amount.