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We're planning to travel to Spain in the fall and I'm wondering if a Renault Scenic is large enough for 4 adults with luggage. Any help would be appreciated.

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Depends on how much luggage you have and the size of the adults. I looked up a photo of the luggage area and if you each have only one carryon sized bag and a couple backpacks you should be fine. Remember that when you have the vehicle parked while you’re visiting someplace, you don’t want anything in view to make your stuff a target for thieves. If you have more luggage, or the adults are larger, get a larger vehicle. Also remember that even if you reserve a Renault Scenic (Or similar), you’ll get whatever is on the lot when you pick up the car. Sometime I get the exact type car I reserved, but not always, and occasionally I get a free upgrade. It will never be smaller than you reserved. The Scenic seems to be about the size of a Ford Escape and that’s a nice size for driving in the smaller towns. Consider looking up the Scenic’s dimensions and find a similar U.S. car, then go look at it on a car lot to see if you think it will work for your group and luggage.

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20 years ago we took our niece and her husband to France for their honeymoon, and rented a Scenic. There was plenty of room. However, I don't know if the current Scenic has changed a lot since then.

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AutoEurope has luggage capacity listed on their website. Do a mock booking and it will come up.