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Car hire in Barcelona


Can someone recommend a good company to hire a car from at Barcelona airport and if it is okay using a company like expedia or auto europe?
We are spending 3 days in Barcelona and then driving to France for about 9 days, then back to Barcelona before flying home. We will pick up the car (from the airport since it is a sunday) on the day we depart for France.
Thank you

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Hello from Wisconsin,
I always start my search with Auto Europe, and they almost always hook me up with Europcar. On occasion I have tried the links with the airline I have used, or other search engines, but I have never been a successful as with Auto Europe. Last year for our Czech trip I searched independent rental companies, still went with Auto Europe's suggestion. One thing about AE is that they are up front with 'hidden costs'. A hidden cost would be like a daily road tax. All cars have to pay it, but not all rental agencies mention it until you are at their desk.

Have you considered taking a train into a city i France that you want to see, spending the night, and then picking up your car and returning to the same location so the rental is all in one country? I didn't find the drive from Barcelona to Perpignan that great. Train searches can be done at

wayne iNWI

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Hi - Thank you for your quick reply. Taking the train to perpignan is what we first looked at but it is pricey for 3 of us (upwards of 50 Euros each is what I found), so we think the car will be best (going to the Dordogne area first). Unless you have a recommendation on a train?
When using Auto Europe they have three different coverages for insurance. Is it best to go with the no deductible? There does not seem to be a problem with them taking the car into France and back.. although I know tolls will be a factor.
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The big advantage of renting a car in France is that the car will be equipped with everything needed to drive in France, such as reflective vests and a Crit’Air sticker.

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I worked for Auto Europe for almost 10 years in the early 2000's. Now that I use a car when I travel abroad (as opposed to train) I have been booking with them. In my experience, their prices are far better than booking direct.

What makes me most comfortable is that if you have a problem with the rental agency, Auto Europe is there to back you up. You can call them 24/7 and I have seen first hand what they will do to assist you if something happens during or after your rental. Just make sure you read the terms and conditions on the rental voucher and know what is included and excluded. That way there are no surprises at the counter. For instance sometimes the person at the counter will try to sell you insurance that was already included in the Auto Europe price.