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Canary Islands versus Beaches in Southern Spain?

We are going to Spain early April with my 11 year old granddaughter. We would like some beach time for a few days. Time is an issue since we have only 10 days. Would it work to go to the Canary Islans, about a 21/2 hour flight from Saville. Or the southern area beachs in Spain. We will go by train or can fly. Thinking Barcelona, Seville and a beach area. Open for suggestions.

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By "beach time" do you mean actually going in the water? Have you checked historical weather averages and water temperatures for that time of year? I don't know anything about the Canary Islands, but I'm not sure April is swimming weather in southern Spain, though it is considered a great time to sightsee there.

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You will not be wanting to go in the water artound Southern Spain in April, in fact you probably won't even want to be on the beach in early April. It'll be very deserted, quite windy in Andalucia on the coast with potential for rain. I've been in early April and once we had four straight days of rain. However we have also had plenty of sunshine and temperatures warm enough for sunbathing around the pool but not on an exposed beach.

If you want beach weather and warmer water at that time of year then definitely opt for The Canaries.

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You may get the odd day on the beach in Spain at that time of year, but it's not guaranteed and the water will be cold. The sea and air temperature will be much warmer in the Canaries, but the sea in April won't be tropical

The beaches on the Canaries vary significantly. The beaches on Fuerteventura are sandy and less busy than many of the other islands. The beaches on Lanzarote are mostly black sand. Tenerife and Gran Canaria are much more built up and busier.

One issue you may have with early April is that it is Easter school holiday time and you may find that the better accommodation has been taken and flight prices are more expensive, as many families would have booked months ago.

I am off to Fuerteventura next week and like most people there at this time of year, I booked my villa when I was there last January, as the Canaries get much repeat business.

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Some of the Canaries are gruesomely overdeveloped, and the southern Spain beaches are largely mass tourism. A family from California (!) with limited time should not waste days visiting these beaches, especially in shoulder season climate. The fact that you are even considering this time-consuming diversion (through the haze of "knowing you ? on the internet") suggests that you may need some of the basic Euro travel advice our host Rick frames his books around. Were you going to Seville anyway? Does the granddaughter want to visit the Spanish Riding School, Carmona, Italica, Cordoba, Arcos or Ronda, Gibraltar, Granada? Use the time for something special, not standing in airport security lines.

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I must say that I agree wholeheartedly with Tim, but kids and beaches...

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Couldn't agree more: Save yourself the hassle.

Forget about the beaches in Southern Spain - mass tourism when it's warm, and unpredictable that time of year. The water will probably be warmer than the Pacific Ocean in front of your doorstep, but still not bathing temperatures for an 11-year-old.

For the Canary Islands, you'd be taking pretty much one whole day away from your already short vacation, only for traveling. So how many days is that going to leave you with in Spain and on the island? Not a lot.

Now here's my alternative suggestion: Get a hotel with a nice heated pool.

A lot more mundane than a beautiful beach, but with the balance of value vs. trouble much more in proportion.

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From the places you mentioned, Barcelona would be the place to go. Barcelona has a decent - OK - beach area but the weather at that time year will be against you. Barcelona is about as far north as Boston and you know what beach weather around Boston would be in April.

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Thanks everyone. We knew the weather was against us but...... The idea of a heated pool is tempting. Re thinking. Barcelona--Seville and Granada. You are so right about the time spent in the airport. We are hoping for a few extra days. We have a year to figure it out.

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If you do get more days for holidays we highly recommend the Canary Islands. We spent a month in Mar 2016 in Meloneras on Gran Canarie where the beach is spectacular. The Meloneras area is less over crowded than Playa del Ingles. One can walk for miles along the beach.
In 2017 we had a month in Tenerife in Puerto de la Cruz where the beaches are mostly volcanic sand.
The southern part of the Island is much more built up and seemed to cater to AI packaged holidays.
On both islands the water was warm enough for swiming.