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Camping in Basque Country

We are a family of five, keen campers and are looking to camp somewhere that will allow touring Spanish Basque Country this coming August. Looking for a relatively quiet campsite, no need for loud music, restaurants etc.
Also can't decide whether in 5 days we should stick with the coast or will we be able to venture into the Pyrenees as well.
Any advice is appreciated.

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I don't have a recommendation, but I thought this website looks good for ideas:

edited to add: we are long time, experienced campers. I have not yet camped in Europe, but if I did, I would be doing a lot of research on my own, as I have particular preferences with camping. When I Google camping in europe, there are a lot of caravan sites, and very developed sites with pools and restaurants. Im not sure where the tent camping sites are (...if that is what you are after). Of course, coming from another country, camping somewhere more developed could make more sense as you wouldn't have to worry about gear like camp stove/fuel, tents, etc. Good luck

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Thank you for your tips and referral to the campsite website.
We have camped mainly in France and have succeeded to find family friendly modest campsites, not loud, with pitches that allowed privacy with great amenities.
We use Huttopia, and Idigo camping. As well as independent campsites.
Any other referrals to campsites will be appreciated.