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Cab from airport/train station to apartment/hotel and other misc questions

  1. How easy is it to get a cab from the airport or train station to a destination in Seville/Ronda or Granada if you have the exact address and you do not speak Spanish?
  2. Do cabs require cash or can we pay by credit cards?
  3. Do American credit cards work there? Anything we need to do other than inform our credit card agents here that the card will be used in Spain?
  4. Do most places accept credit cards such as restaurants, grocery stores etc. or is cash expected in most places.
  5. Any recommendation of where to get $'s converted to Euros to get good rates?
  6. Do we need to carry car seats to Spain if we plan to use only public transport ( Kids aged 6 and 2) - trains, buses, cabs?
  7. Would it be possible to rent a wheel chair if needed at Seville, Ronda and/or Granada? How feasible is it to use a wheel chair in these areas? Thanks in advance for all your help.
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  1. Cabs are outside all airports and any train station you are likely to go to meet incoming traffic. Learn how to exchange pleasantries and show the address.
  2. Cash is king.
  3. Certainly do not rely on AmEx, bring VISA preferably or Mastercard. Yes, inform your finance house(s) for any debit or credit card.
  4. Restaurants yes, but there are all manner of premises where you might eat which quite probably will not. Small independent grocery stores almost certainly not, chain mini markets and supermarkets yes.
  5. I simply use an atm. You will always receive better rates in your destination country. No one can foresee exchange rate movement.
  6. No comment, no children. Never seen in use by me to my recollection on any bus or train in forty years.
  7. Sorry, no ideas about renting. Sorry no experience - cobbled pavements and hillsides perhaps will be a problem.
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  3. Make absolutely certain that all of your credit card transactions are in the local currency (Euro). Do not allow the merchant to charge your credit card in dollars. It is called Dynamic Conversion as a "convenience" to you but you pay a poorer exchange rate and still incur currency conversion fees if your credit card issuer charges those fees.
  4. As previously mentioned cash is king. We use cash about 95% of the time. Just is easier and more convenient - at least for us.
  5. A debit card at a bank owned ATM is the cheapest and most convenient way to obtain local currency.
  6. The difficulty is attaching the car seat in taxis. Can be used but bring your own. Other than as a baby carrier, I have never seen car seats used in public buses, trains, trams, etc.

  7. I would assume that it is possible to rent wheel chairs but that probably needs to be arranged in advance. I suggest you use the web in advance. While Europeans have the same need for wheelchairs, It is far more difficult to get around in the tourists areas using a wheel chair than in the US. Stairs and uneven sidewalks, pavement, etc. is a big barrier. You will need a strong pusher. Generally elevators in trains are available but the location is not obvious and working order is questionable from time to time. The bigger stations will have some access, the smaller ones not. This site has a separate discussion area for handicap issues in Europe. You might want to visit it.