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Burgos - local bus service and restaurants

Anyone with any reliable links to local bus service in Burgos?

All the ones I tried before coming to Burgos led me to dead pages.

As a result, I had to take a cab from the train station to my hotel when I arrived here today.

Definitely do not want to have to do that when I leave from here on Wednesday. Thanks in advance for any tips.

Also would love ideas for best spots for 15E or under mid-day meals.

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587 posts, in Spanish but easy to follow. Your best option is the "Menú del Día" (daily menu, M-Fr) for lunch, around 15-18eur for a starter, a main, homemade dessert, water, wine and bread. Search on Google for "menú del día en Burgos" and there´ll be plenty of places.

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No mid-day restaurant recommendations, but in the plaza in front of the cathedral is restaurant Rincón de España. It was used in the movie “The Way” and the place where Martin Sheen’s character had his backpack stolen by a gypsy/Roma. In the same plaza is Chocolatería Valor. It has some pretty good ice cream. It is a chain in many cities, but still pretty good.

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I stayed 2 nights in the Hostel Catedral Burgos and they have a rather nice restaurant that is open all day and evening. I was pretty surprised that they weren't closed for siesta. Ate lunch and dinner there both days.

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Marty, personally I'd be glad you caught one of those cabs! We waited for the bus and it was a terrible ride into the city. Slowest, most crowded bus in Spain! I think you'd be better off cabbing it back too. But if you do want the bus, lines 2, 16, and 23 go back to the train station. You can pull details off the list here:

Bottom line: Burgos train station is the worst we've encountered in Spain. Get there by hook or crook, 'cause they don't make it easy!