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Bullfights in Bilbao and the North

I haven't had any luck locating a website to show a bullfighting schedule for Bilbao, Spain for the summer. We will be in the North at the very end of June and are interested in seeing a bullfight. Does anyone know if Bilbao has them at that time? Thanks!

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Mid-August is the time for most of the Bilbao corridas.

Rings are slow in publishing schedules and Bilbao has to compete with Santander and San Sebastian for talent.

The best you can do is keep checking.

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Thanks, that's what I've found. Here's another question: How hard is it to get tickets to one of the corridas in Pamplona during San Fermin? I'm guessing it's pretty tough, but that would be another option for us. Anyone have experience? Thanks.

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Why would you want to support and participate in such a cruel activity? Surely there are other ways to spend your time and money.

Please research bullfights and the cruelty to the bull perhaps that will change you mind.

I certainly hope so......

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I've been to lots in Bilbao but none in Pamplona although I've been there once for the running and the place is thronged.

Wild guess: hard as hell except from scalpers who are outside all the rings. No guess on the mark-up.