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bullfight tickets Madrid

We want to purchase tickets for the Bullfights in Madid for OCT 12, any suggestiopns regarding getting tickets in advance?

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First, unless it is very special bullfighter, there will be plenty of seats. Remember seats in the sun are cheaper than in the shade. Spring for the difference when you get there.

Second, there is bull fighting season so don't know if fights are still scheduled in Oct. I know the season starts in March and runs to Oct but don't if that is the end of October.

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Mid-October is the very, very latest I've ever heard of. If you know of one on the twelfth, it's bound to be the last or almost last one of the season.

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Fortunately, Madrid runs longer than anywhere else. According to this, October 12th is the last bullfight of the year. If you buy your tickets a day or so in advance, you won't have any problem at all (probably wouldn't if you waited until the 12th either). I'm not sure if the last event of the season will draw more or less people than normal.