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Bull Fights

Are there bull fights in Seville or Granada?

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Absolutely! In fact la Real Mastranza in Sevilla is the oldest bullring in the world and is a must see even if there is no bullfight in town.

Here is a link that includes dates for corridas in Sevilla.

Also, here is a little photo blog I made of our trip. Check out the Sevilla action for pics in and around La Real Maestranza, to appreciate the beauty. The sand in the ring itself is an uncanny rich brown and is shipped in from a specific quarry.


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When are you going? Like the Opera or sports, there is a bullfight season. It's longest in Seville, starting during Semana Santa (Easter week) and going into September. Madrid has the next longest season and goes into October. If you're coming May through September, you can normally find bullfights on weekends in most bigger locales plus some of the traditional places, like Ronda. Barcelona no longer has bullfights.

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We are off to Madrid and would like to see a bullfight on the 29th of June. They have one scheduled but I cannot find a website to buy tickets. Any suggestions?

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I have always been horrified by the thought of a bullfight -- BUT -- after taking my final trip to Spain last year, and our travel companions went to a bullfight, I could absolutely kick myself for not experiencing one. Enjoy, our friends described it as being so amazing, with the trumpets in the beginning, and again, I'm filled with regret for skipping this experience.