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Bull fighting in Seville

We are going to be in Seville for a few days this month. Bullfighting starts the day before we leave and we'd love to go see it. I tried purchasing some tickets but the site was confusing. Do you know if we can purchase tickets there or do they sell out quickly? We only want to experience a couple of them (not make it an all day event). They were asking what bull fighter we want to see, etc. Are there popular bull fighters that we should be attempting to see? We will be there on April 20th. I would sure appreciate any help. If there are other things you recommend to see or places to eat while we are there that would be great too. We are on a low to medium budget.

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Seville is lovely! You will be arriving just as Semana Santa ends. I don't have personal experience with bullfights in Seville, but I do in other cities. It is possible that it will be difficult to get tickets because the season is just beginning and if you overlap Semana Santa, it will be quite popular. Bullfights are usually only held on Sunday. There are times when there are festivals that the bullfights run over the course of a week, but I have heard that those sell out quickly. Also, I have seen "Novilladas" on other days besides Sunday. Those are like beginning bullfighters. Hopefully someone else will be able to answer your questions about bullfighting more specifically.

In addition to the bullfight, I recommend trying to see a flamenco show. Just inside the Barrio Santa Cruz, there is a lovely flamenco theater called " La Casa del Flamenco". You can buy tickets there. Here's a link:

I'm sure you are planning to see the Cathedral and the Alcazar. They are quite spectacular. The Maria Luisa Park is also an enchanting destination. Watch out for the gypsy women who try to offer you herbs. Don't take them! Walking around the Barrio Santa Cruz is magical. It is a pedestrian only zone with many small shops and bars. It's easy to get lost, but it isn't too large that you won't find your way out. Just enjoy rambling through it.

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Thank you. We will actually be in Seville from the 18th to the 21st. So we will be there during the Semana Santa. I read that there are 200+ processions during that week. Amazing! I can't wait to see the traditions and festivals. We leave early on the 21st. I was afraid that we may miss the bull fighting if I don't purchase tickets ahead of time. Hopefully we can get that figured out. We definitely plan on seeing the Cathedral and the Alcazar. Thank you for the info on the Maria Luisa Park, I will definitely add that to our list. And for the warning about the gypsies. I already fell for a scam or two last time I was in Europe and plan to be ready for them this time. It's good to know what the scams are prior to getting there.

We have purchased tickets for a flamenco show in Madrid already. It was voted the best flamenco show.

During our trip we are planning on going to Barcelona, Seville, Madrid and Toledo.

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Seville is one of my favorite cities. I had the privilege to be there in 2011 for Semana Santa. There are just over 50 processions. As you are walking about town, you will run into them. Be prepared for very large crowds. If you decided to watch the departure of a procession from a Parrish church, it is quite spectacular, but you will need to arrive at least an hour early to get a good spot in the crowd. The processions go at all times during the day and even some at night time. Since you will be there during high season, the lines for the Alcazar and Cathedral will also be quite long. It is fun just to walk around the Old Town and take in the atmosphere. Good luck with the bullfighting tickets. What is the flamenco show you are going to see in Madrid? If you find you enjoy it, I still recommend the one in my other post. It is a very intimate venue so every seat is close to the front.

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You should be able to get bullfight tickets. They were close to sold out when we went during April Fair but I stopped by the ticket window the day before and had no problem picking up tickets. We picked the night based on the most popular matadors scheduled for that night.

On the night of our bullfights, there were lots of people out front selling tickets - but I can't say if there are counterfeit ticket scams like you sometimes see from scalpers in the states.