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Booked Itinerary: but worried about too little layover time at JFK

We have the following itinerary and the time between 1st and 2nd flight is little over an hour. We would need to change terminals in JFK
From San Diego, CA to Sevilla
Flight #1: San Diego to New York JFK (Terminal 8), Day1 07:45am (San Diego local time) reaches Day1 4:05pm (JFK local time)
Operated by American Airlines
Flight #2: New York JFK (Terminal 7) to Madrid, Day1 5:10pm (JFK local time) reaches Day2 06:30am (Madrid local time)
Operated by Iberia
Flight #3: Madrid to Sevilla Day2 08:45am (Madrid local time) to Day2 09:50am

Worried that the time to transfer from JFK Terminal 8 to Terminal 7 may not be sufficient. This was the case for many of the options that came up so went ahead and booked it. However we were wondering if anyone has had any experience in such situations? Any suggestions on what we could do to improve the situation?

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Term 7 & 8 are adjacent and easilly reachable by the tram. However........ You have virtually no leeway in case of any flight delays on your inbound from san diego. Additionally a security line backup presents an issue to timing. Most important is the time between flights is really tight for counting on your luggage to get from plane belly to plane belly.

The Madrid Seville connection is more doable. You will have to clear customs in madrid, but we made this connection this summer without any issues.

A really important issue........
If I correctly recall you are traveling with a platoon of folks ranging in age. Now is the time to make a firm committment to UNDER packing and traveling with few bags. Practice by packing everything everyone thinks they must have and then examine how many bags you will be lugging around. Oh, does not seem that bad? Ha! Wait until you are negotiating airports, taxis, trains and small streets then the cursing will start.
From whatever you pack during your practice round slash it in half for the second round. Everything you think you need can be purchased in spain. Resist the temptation to "save money" by not having to buy stuff "there" that you already own at home. Seriously, overpacking can kill a vacation. Underpacking means having to not be a mule and maybe having fun doing just a bit of shopping abroad.
BTW: you may have need for a pharmacy so look for a green illuminated cross sign to indicate the location of a pharmacy. We have found folks at pharmacies to be adept at meeting many needs.