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Best way to Girona

If you were in Madrid or Barcelona, what is the best, quickest, cheapest, way to get to Girona? Train, buses, public trans. would be my preferred way instead of renting a car.

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Easy, AVE train from Sants Station in Barcelona, there are many trains for Girona that leave every day.

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Thanks, approximately how long and how much is that trip? Either one way or round trip?

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The express train takes about 40 minutes. The fare varies. There are very low prices available if you buy a ticket when your date initially goes on sale.

As it gets closer to departure time others will have bought the cheap tickets and you will probably pay more. Sometimes midday tickets remain less expensive since that's a less popular time to travel.

To check fares for your date, go to and click on "Welcome" near the top of the screen. Choose BARCELONA TODAS as your origin.

You'll see some slower trains as well. If you're buying at the last minute, the slower trains may be much less expensive, but they take about twice as long.

There's usually a bit of savings on round-trip tickets in Spain. You can price the one-way and round-trip tickets on and see for yourself.

The website is chock-full of information about trains in Europe. You may find it helpful.

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I would like to point out something on Ann's comment: the word "express" has a different meaning here.

The fast train, which is what Ann is referring to, it's called that... "fast train" (or also using its acronym: AVE) and it takes indeed 40' from Barcelona to Girona.

The Regional Express is a different sort of train, sometimes referred as "slower trains", which takes far more than the AVE to reach Girona, from 1h20 to 1h45 depending on the type of train. Note that among "slower" trains --which, by many countries' standards would still be "fast", LOL!-- one can find: MD (medium distance), R (regional), RE (Regional Express), etc. and the denomination is linked to both the origin/destination of the train (whether ends up in a different community -read 'state', if you're from the US) and also the number of stops along the itinerary, whether it stops in all stations or only in some.

For info on "slower trains" in Catalonia, the website you need is

Note that, as a general rule of thumb, there's no advance purchasing for slower trains, one purchases the ticket the day of the journey, on the spot, at the station. Consequently, there's no seat reservation and if the train is full, just wait for the next -there are from "several" to "many" every day, depending on the line and/or the destination. Pricing is very affordable though.