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Best to do Park Guell, Recinte Modernista & Sagrada Familia on Sunday or Monday?


Looking to start purchasing tickets for April trip to Barcelona. I wondered if it would be better to do this 3 pack of pre-purchased tickets for a Sunday or Monday? Trying to keep the rest of my days sort of open to do other things as we feel like it. Knowing that most museums are closed Mondays..... but are there interesting things on Sundays we should not miss? Thank you!

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What dates will you be in Barcelona?

I think you'll find the two other major Gaudi sights (Casa Mila/La Pedrera and Casa Batllo) are open seven days a week. I suppose there might be an exception around Easter, but likely not. Churches are likely to be open as well.

I've been to the Sant Pau modernista site twice--August 2016 and May 2019--and saw no sign of any sort of ticket line. I don't know whether there's a COVID-related requirement to get tickets in advance, but if so, I cannot imagine there is any need to get that ticket more than one day ahead of time. I'd wait on that one, at least until it's almost time to leave on your trip. Why commit any more money in advance than you have to?

The three sites you mentioned are all rather time-consuming. Sant Pau has multiple buildings set on attractive grounds; La Sagrada Familia has a lot to see inside and outside the church, and the museum has a good explanation of Gaudi's techniques; Parc Guell has both the area you'll be paying to enter and a large free zone you might also like to see. I wouldn't want to commit to doing all of those on the same day. I'd pick La Sagrada Familia as the first stop, because I think you'll benefit more there from being in the first group to enter.

Since Parc Guell is outdoors, I'd prefer to have an idea of the weather forecast before I bought that ticket. I'd probably monitor the website to be sure ticket availability is OK and then buy much closer to the time of my visit, ideally with access to a reasonably reliable weather forecast. You do have to get the ticket ahead of time; they no longer sell tickets at the park.

We probably need for one of our Barcelona folks to address your question about special happenings on Sunday. All I know of is the sarzana dances. I remember seeing outdoor antique stalls near the Cathedral but don't remember what day of the week that is.

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We will be there April 23 (Sat) mid morning and Leaving early Friday April 29th. Looks like on the 23rd we will be in for a treat - Festival of Sant Jordi - perhaps I should tour Casa Batilo that day. I wonder if there are special tours happening there. (28th we will be going to Montserrat).

As for itinerary for the day - I had heard it may be best to start at the top of the hill and work down - that is why I started with the Park Guell and then the others in that order. I do appreciate the ticket advice, I could keep it open if it really is easy to get tickets a week or so before and know the weather, etc. Also getting in first to SF may be worth the walk or ride to get up hill.

Thx for the feedback!!

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I don't know what's going on with visitor levels in Barcelona right now, but I found it very worthwhile to have a ticket for the first time slot at La Sagrada Familia. There was a big difference in the number of people there for my first 30 minutes vs. later in my visit. It's nice to catch Parc Guell when it's not too crowded, either, but it's outdoors, so to me it wasn't the same situation. This might be a time to splurge on a taxi to get to Parc Guell easily and quickly. That way you could perhaps take your time on your way back down into the center of town. It's an interesting walk.

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We did a wonderful bike tour of old town and Barcelonetta on Sunday. Then had a great dinner in the neighborhood!