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Best of Spain Hotel $$$ ??

Considering staying two or three additional nights at the last hotel on The Best of Spain Hotel. Price seems pretty high - could be wrong, any input? This is for a solo - single traveler. Thank you The email I received from Hotel Amadeus Seville----

"For April 30th we would have available:

Standard 244.80€/night
Superior 288€/night
You could be in the same room without switching, in the one you book with us.
Our breakfast is not included, the price is 14€/person/day.

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Those are the rates shown on their website.

Seems there is no RS discount.

I know I would explore the alternatives, before paying that rate.

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This is a very fine hotel and those are the sort of rates I would expect to pay there. You could fine something less but remember there is a cost of your lost time while switching hotels that you need to consider.

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I would switch to another hotel in close proximity. I see the Petit Palace Santa Cruz very near for 135 € including breakfast on, and the 8.6 rating has over 1,500 reviews.

Personally, I would rather splurge on a nice cooking class or activity than spend it on the hotel if something safe & still nice is available.

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There must be something going on for the rate to be that high. It’s a nice hotel, but not 244€ nice. I’d look elsewhere. That’s more than we paid for the Parador in Santiago de Compostela.

Reminded me of my 2019 trip to Spain. The hotel in Madrid was 80€ on arrival. At the end of that trip there was a world medical conference taking place in town and the same hotel wanted 240€ for the same room. We went to a different hotel, but even it was expensive.

Edited: Thanks Joe32F and Dick.

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My tour stayed at the Amadeus and I stayed an additional night, at a price similar to yours, in a much bigger room (which was all they said they had). It was much more than I needed but very convenient. Of course this was 90 years before jaimeelsabio's trip! ;-)