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Best of Barcelona / Madrid 8-day Tour---Sagrada Familia

Quick question for this 8-day tour that we will be taking later this year.

When the group visits the Sagrada Familia, is it just a stop to see it visit, or does the group actually visit the interior? We will be arriving pre-tour and can purchase the tickets to visit inside if the group does not.


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No personal experience but the tour description here

says this
on our way to tour the greatest work of Barcelona's master builder — the towering, dizzying Sagrada Família. The remainder of your afternoon and your evening are free to explore more Art Nouveau delights

sounds like a tour of interior to me

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We took this tour a number of years ago...2019. If I remember correctly you are taken there and left to wander the inside for about 45 minutes and then regroup to walk to see more of the city....but probably best to check with the office as that tour was before c19....

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Good point, I just emailed Rick Steves.

Wow, got a quick reply...

You will go inside the church. For a rundown of everything that you will see as part of your tour, see the "What's Included" link on the Spain tour webpage. Any sites listed here are places that you will have tickets for and visit as part of your tour.

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I’m sure this will stir controversy so let me preference this that is a personal opinion, the Sagrada Familia is so crowded it’s difficult to enjoy. In view of the SF about ten blocks away is the Art Noveau site of Sant Pau hospital. Extremely beautiful and I don’t think Rick even covers it in his book. No crowds and many beautiful buildings to explore.

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I thought someone on this thread mentioned seeing Sagrada Familia in 90 minutes. We just visited Sagrada Familia a few days ago. I think it is safe to say that 90 minutes doesn't begin to do it justice. There is so much at which to marvel, both inside and out. Imho, it could easily be designated the 8th wonder of the world. Definitely not to be missed, even if it means going back independently on your own. Most tours have some built in "free" time for exploring on your own. You can easily get there by Metro, cab, or the Hop on Hop off bus, which stops for a generous few minutes literally in front of the Passion Facade, and provides great photo ops not possible from within the ticketed area. Definitely buy your tickets ahead of time from the Sagrada's own official website. If you're 65 or over, reduced tickets are available, officially it states that they reserve the right to check for proof of eligibility, but when we checked in they said they didn't need to see proof (our passports) that day.

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I took this tour this past September. When we arrived, it was not too crowded. We had ample time when on our own time to see quite a bit too.

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The museum at La Sagrada Familia is quite interesting, too.

Keep in mind that once you enter the shop, you cannot go back into the church without buying another ticket.