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Beaches in Spain

I am traveling with a family of 4 (kids -16 and 14) in July for 2 and half weeks. My plan was to spend a couple days in Malaga and then a couple in a costa del sol resort but the more I read they don't sound too appealing. Are the beaches in Malaga good if we just do Malaga while we are south? Then the last let of our trip we will be in Barcelona for about 7 days. I know Barcelona has some beaches, are they nice? also I know there is Sitges south(costa dorada) and Tosso de mar up north(costa brava). Can anyone compare the beaches in costa del sol to the beaches in costa dorada and costa brava? also, would you reccomend a day trip from Barcelona to either costa dorada or costa brava or to stay overnite?

Thank you

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Costa Brava, north of Barcelona, has some beautiful breaches. My favourite is Llafranc - good info & description in this UK Telegraph article...
Best for a family of 4 would be to rent a car for 3 days from Barcelona.
Day 1 To Costa Brava Via Girona
Day 2 Excursion to Cadaques
Day 3 Return to Barcelona via Dali Museum in Figueres

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'they don't sound too appealing' - in what way, without knowing your criteria?

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Yes, it's better to know what kind of beaches you like.

Of the beaches I've visited, my favorite beaches are on Costa de la Luz, which is essentially from Tarifa north to Portugal. Most of this coast has no resorts and miles of very thinly populated beaches - with just enough small towns to get the services/lodging you need.

Costa del Sol is completely skippable for me, but may be what you want. It's packed with resorts, golf courses and crowded beaches.

Costa Bravo, north of Barcelona, is also nice in my book. It's a lot of rock cliffs with small bowls of sand beaches. Since a lot of people live conveniently close to this coast, don't expect a secluded beach to yourself. The water is generally nice and clear.

The beaches in Barcelona were man made (I think for the Olympics). The sand is not too different from dirt, almost like a beach on a lake, and they're pretty crowded. I'd put them in the "better than nothing" category, an okay place to hang out on a nice day but nothing to write home about.

The beaches on the north coast (Basque country) are similar to Costa Bravo, a lot rock cliffs with some nice beach areas. This area is nice in the high summer months but will be crowded also.