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Battlo or Pedrera?

We walked by the two buildings today and Battlo had a huge mob out in front, so it certainly seems more popular? Which would you recommend between the two? Tomorrow is our last full day in Barcelona. TIA.

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It may come down to which one has ticket availability for a time-slot that suits you.

My experience in 2016 was that both places were very crowded, but Casa Batllo was worse. Based on something said to me, I think Batllo simply sells more tickets for each time period--seemingly up to the limit the local equivalent of a fire marshall will allow. That's my theory, anyway.

There's also the fact that Casa Batllo is a bit closer to the center of tourist Barcelona, no matter how you define the latter.

I think both are very enjoyable, but (based on my 3-year-old experience), if severe crowding bugs you, I'd try for La Pedrera. Understand, though, that even it will be severely crowded.

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Hi, although I pass by both places at least four times a week every week it's been years since I've been inside Casa Battló. Whereas I often call into the exhibition space in La Pedrera, and have attended special events and conferences there. A friend works there (he has some great stories about visitors). From my point of view the difference in experience between the two buildings is that Casa Battló is more like a show house — it seems a bit fake, a bit empty of spirit. It was only ever lived in for four years, while La Pedrera has been continuously inhabited since built and is still lived in. Casa Battló was, for many years, the Turkish consulate and afterwards a branch of Barclays bank. ( I visited it in the 1980s when a student and had to get written permission from the bank) It became a fee charging attraction relatively recently.
I'd say — go for La Pedrera, however, as Anne Craven, says, which ever one you go for expect crowds.
Have a great trip.