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Barcelona to Seville By Rail

Hello - I understand there are rail construction delays between Madrid and Granada, does this also in include Seville? Or is that a separate track?

We want to take a train from Barcelona to Seville.

Thank you for all your help!


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AVE high speed follows route Barcelona-Zaragoza-Madrid-Cordoba-Sevilla.
Granada is not on the AVE network. I would fly Barcelona to Sevilla. What is your broad plan for the trip?

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The AVE direct train takes 5.5 hours. I would not fly. It'll take you about as long and mean getting to/from the airports and probably having to check bags and all the other hassles of air travel. The train is comfortable and the scenery is pretty.

What's your new itinerary?

Edit - if you are going next month, you should lock down your plan quickly. Trains will only get more expensive, and hotel rooms will only get scarcer.