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Barcelona to Paris - high speed train or plane?

We, a family of 4, will be finishing a cruise in Barcelona - July 2014. We will be flying home to the states from Paris a week later. We are trying to decide between the new high speed train (any reviews?) or flying. Thank you for all thoughts & opinions!

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Travel by train will be ~6H:33M via high speed train, and a budget flight will likely be about the same once all is considered. With flights you'll have to include time & cost to and from airports, security, check-in, waiting times and of course the actual flight time. If you'd prefer a budget flight, have a look at the Vueling website for more information.

My preference on that route would definitely be the high speed train, as it will be a much more pleasant trip without the usual airport hassles. Flying these days is not as much fun as it used to be.

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Having done the plane one time, flights both ways cancelled on me, and both substituted flights delayed, one by 4 hours, one by 3 hours, I would definitely take the train.....

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This trip would be more fun by train, as long as you buy tickets early for the best price. SNCF is releasing more summer travel dates for sale on April 3. See Rick's France rail page for tips on booking 3 months in advance (or maybe more at this time) for the best fare.