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Barcelona to Montpellier France pricey train or bus?

I'm looking at dates on Renfe that are showing $285 one way for the train from Barcelona to Montpellier, France, which is surprisingly high to me for a 4 hour train ride. The Flix bus is under $50 and only about 1.5 hours longer of a journey.
Why is there such a huge difference between these 2 modes of transit? Is the Flix bus safe (there are options for nonstop and some with 1 stop).
Thank you for any insight on this.

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There's a limit to how much people are willing to spend to take a bus.

You have additional options besides Renfe trains on that route. Try the French rail company, SNCF Connect.

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Thanks. SNCF has essentially the same price on their site for the train.

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At those prices I assume your travel dates are fairly soon. Once the limited number of cheap (70€) tickets are sold only the expensive tickets are left.

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Sounds like you are traveling soon. I’ve taken Flixbus from Montpellier to Nice, part of the same route. For that price difference, I’d take the bus. Flixbus contracts with independent bus companies to run their routes. Therefore, quality of buses and communication from the drivers can vary greatly.

Check BlablaCar bus, too. It’s a French company. Or, try BlablaCar ride-sharing service. It’s favored by the government for ecological reasons. We’ve used it.

The buses will drop you at the Sabine tram stop. This tram will take you to the train station not far from the Place de la Comedie, the heart of the town.

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Thank you for the information on where this drops off and easy tram connection to the train station area. We decided to go with the bus.
Thanks again.