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Barcelona rental apartment - do police need passort information before you arrive?

i have rented an apartment in Barcelona through Travel Mob. My landlord has requested our passport information, stating that it is required by the police. I have traveled previously, on my own, and stayed in privately owned hostals/hotels in Spain and no one has asked for my passport information prior to me arriving in Spain. Concerned about passing this much personal information through the internet.

Travel mob said that my landlord was trustworthy with many good reviews (i agree). Travel Mob could not give me a conclusive answer stating "it could be required by the city before arrival". I need to know concreatly to determine if this sensative information should be sent via email. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, D

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The stuff hotels take off your passport does, in fact, go to the police of some kind. Why this guy wants it early doesn't really matter. There's no scoop on your passport that can do you any harm, not even what's in the chip (which has multiple security layers before anybody could get into the really nifty data bases).

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Usually, someone at the hotel photocopies your passport when you arrive. Since it's an apartment, there's probably no way to do that, so the fellow needs to be sure he has the copy in hand. If he just asked you to bring a photocopy with you and then you didn't, for some reason, he'd be in difficulties. Yes, photocopying passports is usually throughout Europe (and much of the rest of the world too).

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I would have no concern about providing the info so that most details are completed in advance. If he's not taking a big deposit, the landlord may also see this as a way to know that you're serious and to discourage no-shows.