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Barcelona Public Transit: T-Casual Card Replaces T10

I don't think this change has been highlighted on the forum yet, though I've mentioned it in a couple of posts.

In the past we recommended that visitors to Barcelona buy the T10 transit card for buses and the Metro. It was good for ten rides and could be shared by multiple travelers. The T10 is no longer being sold and can be used only until the end of this month.

The replacement is the T-Casual card. The current price is 11.35 euros for Zone 1, and it, too, is good for ten rides. However, it cannot be shared. Details are here:

The zone map is here: It appears that everywhere a tourist would think of as "in Barcelona" falls within Zone 1.

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acraven - Thanks for the public transport update on Barcelona. T10 was more of an advantage for the traveler where one can share rides at one price. I't's sad that T-casual card doesn't offer the same benefit.

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Yes, most visitors don't stay in Barcelona long enough to run through ten rides themselves.

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A single ride ticket is €2.40, so if you plan to take more than 4 rides, the T-Casual is the way to go.

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I will add that until February 29th the T-casual is multi-personal, i.e. one person can use it 10 times or ten people can use it once and every variation in between. However, on March 1st the T-casual will become unipersonal and only one person can use the ticket.
On March 1st ATM (the public transit co-ordinating body) will be introducing another new ticket — the T-familiar — 8 rides for 10€ within a 30 day period — and it will be multi-personal, i.e. 1 person can use it eight times or 8 people can use it once and every variation in between.
After March 1st for couples and families, and small groups traveling together the T-familiar will be the way to go for most visitors.
More details on my blog here: and on the TMB website here: