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Barcelona on crutches?

Well, here I am with a torn tendon in my ankle, about three weeks out from a trip to Barcelona, and no travel insurance (doh!). I'm still checking on whether my credit card provides some trip insurance, but assuming it does not. So there is a good chance I will be touring Barcelona with a walking boot and possibly crutches. Even if I am down to just the boot, extensive walking/standing will probably not be on the agenda.

Any suggestions on what to definitely avoid and definitely try? I am in good health other than (temporarily I hope) impaired mobility. I think I saw Segway tours down by the water front. Any recommendations on those tours? I am interested in going to the Fundacio Miro, does anyone know if they have wheelchairs available to rent, borrow?

I have been to Barcelona before, but was able to take the Metro and walk anywhere I needed to go. This will be a different pace for sure.

Thanks for any suggestions/recommendations you have!

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Segway tours require basically standing in one position for the length of the tour - probably not something you are going to be able to do, though they are fun. With an injury, I'm not sure they would allow you to do the tour, anyway. You could always do the hop-on hop-off bus. There are several routes that take you to all of the major sites.

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Thanks for the reply! Yes, of course, I was so excited about a wheeled tour, that I wasn't thinking about the fact that you have to stand on a Segway. I will definitely check out the hop-on hop-off buses. Usually, we prefer a bit more off the beaten path, but this may be a great solution for us. It will definitely be more of a slow down and enjoy the tapas kind of trip :)

Any other suggestions for less walking type tours?

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We visited Fundacio Miro in November, and while I remember an elevator and some floors with ramps, I don't recall if stairs were compulsary in any parts of the building. At the Picasso museum, the staff were very helpful in transporting us via elevators, rather than dealing with the usual stairs, simply for the asking. Airports, too . . . see if they can provide a wheelchair and/or a ride to get where you need to go. Sometimes it takes a little effort to find out whom to ask but those services are, suprisingly, often available. Get well soon & happy travels!

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear about your ankle. I traveled to Barcelona on crutches and it is doable. We just used some extra taxis, etc. On a bright note, I doubt you will have to wait in any lines for anything. The people everywhere were very warm and accommodating. We did use a tour company for a half day tour and shared it with another couple. Restaurants, and many of the sites would waive us to the front of the line. Good luck and happy travels!