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Barcelona City Pass -?

We will be in Barcelona for 5 days next year. I have never bought a city pass, as we haven't been in a city for more than 2-3 days. Is the Barcelona pass worth the cost? Usually these aren't. Mostly the pass is for 2 sights that are most popular, with skip the line, and benefit is a a day or two of the hop on hop off bus, and a 20% discount at other places.

We haven't really figured out what we want to do each day, but of course we want to visit the Familia and Guall Park. We would plan to get tickets in advance for the Familia in any case. I'm a senior, so sometimes there are discounts that I try to take advantage of.

Not sure getting the airport transfer is worth adding to this pass, as the bus will be an inexpensive option I'm sure. We have to look into that as well.

Thoughts, fellow travelers and or locals??

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I have not used the Barcelona City Pass.

The short answer is that you have to do the math for yourself, based on what you plan to do. But beyond that:

  • I observed a horribly long line of people (over 100) waiting for a HO/HO bus at Placa de Catalunya when I arrived in Barcelona in early August 2016. It looked like a terribly inefficient way to get around a city that has an excellent public-transit system (including a subway) and is otherwise highly walkable.

  • Those 20% discounts almost certainly require you to buy the ticket at the site's ticket window, rather than online. If you do that for Casa Mila or Casa Batllo, you'll probably be in a very long line and may get an entry time that's hours later (or the next day). That's not really practical when you're just going to save about 5 euros, right? There's often a slight savings when you buy a ticket online, anyway.

  • Someone reported recently that so much of Parc Guell was under repair that he/she regretted going there. I haven't seen the park recently myself, and I don't know what conditions will be like at the time of your visit next year, but I would put that one in the "Maybe" column and wait for more up-to-date news shortly before your trip.

  • The Parc Guell ticket now includes a shuttle bus from a Metro stop to the park, so don't think of the HO/HO bus as a useful tool for getting to Parc Guell.