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Barcelona: Casa Batllo - 9am vs 9:45am -- how important?


We are a family of 4 visiting Barcelona for the 1st time beginning June 10th!  We want to visit Casa Batllo. I have 2 questions.

1 How important are getting the 'gold' tickets? 

2. Tickets for the 4 of us are for 9am cost 168 euros VS 9:45am cost 144 Euros.  I know it would be less crowded at 9am! Is it worth the extra money for the 9am time?


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The "2" refers to my question #2, not 2 tickets.

When I entered the date we are going and for our ages, the 2 costs in my post are for gold tickets. My questions are about the Value of having gold tickets, and also about the enjoyment of 9am tickets vs 9;45am tickets, given the price difference.

Thanks for your help! =)

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Only someone who has bought a gold ticket to Casa Batllo will have a really informed opinion as to whether there's real value to the add-ons included. I don't have that knowledge.

I haven't been to Casa Mila or Casa Batllo since 2016, but at that time Casa Mila was just a bit less crowded. It was suggested to me then that Casa Batllo sold more tickets for each entry period, but I have no proof of that. I only remember thinking, "I'm amazed the fire marshal allows so many people to be packed into this space." In any case, the basic tickets to Casa Mila are 10 euros cheaper than those for Casa Batllo, and I liked it at least as much. YMMV.

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We did the evening tour/roof concert combo. I'd highly recommend that if you have open evenings. I honestly don't think the GOLD ticket is worth it, even though that's what we bought. (we wanted to be closer to the performers, but there really weren't bad seats) I didn't think my experience was all that different. A few less people at first, but after a few minutes the crowd was the crowd.

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My family and I were just there two months ago. We did not have gold or silver tickets, so I can't speak to that, but I can tell you that our entry time was supposed to be at 9:30. We arrived on time, but the line was already so long that we were way beyond our entry time before we were allowed in, and it was extremely crowded. You might want to go as early as possible.

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I just got back from Barcelona and I did purchase the gold ticket. It allowed access to a private decorated apartment and the line was much shorter to get in at the entrance. Seeing the private apt was nice but really the highlight of it all is seeing the building itself and walking all the way up to the roof. I think I also got an iPad that allowed me to use it to point at certain areas and it showed a historical rendering of what they would look like. A regular tour just gets you an audio guide. To be honest, I wish I didn’t pay extra for the gold tour. The regular tour would’ve been fine.

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Hang-ups at the door of the super-crowded Barcelona sights are common. I don't know why it happens shortly after opening, but a bit later on they seem to be metering people in and out--10 people leave, 10 people get to enter. The quarters are fairly tight is some places, and they (especially Casa Batllo in my experience, but it's also an issue at Casa Mila and the Picasso Museum) are just plain selling too many tickets.