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Barcelona Card - worth it?

I will be in Barcelona for 4 days in January. I will have about a half day free each day, so I'm thinking that the Barcelona Card may be a good idea. I added up the museums and sites that I want to see, and it seems like it will pay for itself and be a good deal.

How much time will it save on the lines?

Is this the best website to buy in advance? It seems to be an official Barcelona Tourism website, and less expensive than other vendors that may be third party.

I have been to La Sagrada Familia, but I want to see its beauty again. New sites for me will the Gaudi houses in the Block of Discord, the Picasso Museum, and a few other museums that are smaller. That's the benefit that makes it a good deal to me.

Gracias & Gràcies!

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Hi Lucy,

... again, it's a matter of opinion, but, in mine, it's not.

  1. The "skip the line" is a marketing gimmick. Just by purchasing tickets in advance, in most major sites in the city you will "skip the line" already... the line of the ticket booth, that is.
  2. I will not cease to say this: it's almost "imperative" that you pre-book in the major sites, especially if visiting from say May to Oct -and also in certain other weeks of the year- because this is one of the most popular destinations in the world and there are always scores of visitors.
  3. Most of the most popular sites are privately-run by foundations and/or companies and they're busy all the time so they don't need to do discounts of any kind. This is the reason most of them do not participate in this sort of card schemes. Make a list of the sites you're interested in visiting and then check the card website to see whether they're listed in its "discounted sites". You'll probably see most of them are not.
  4. Those that are, ie Sagrada Família, have a ridiculous discount so if you're buying the card just for this you'll notice that's probably not worth as you'll end up paying less if you purchase the tickets directly to Sagrada Família.

In short, do your math before going for the card.

But again, that's only my point of view, of course.


PS. De res! ;).....