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Barcelona Bus Route like Paris#69?

Is there a public bus route in Barcelona like Paris 69?
Or else just some nice bus routes?
Would like to do some surface travel instead of all metro.

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Do you mean a hop on hop off? there are two companies: and

Alternatively, if you want to experience the city like we locals do, simply get a T-10 travelcard (10€) and hop into any of the "long lines" -the lines crossing east-west or north-south But while you might pass by key landmarks on the way, it's not guaranteed... these lines are not for tourist purposes. Get an idea of the bus map here: Note that with a T-10 travelcard -which btw is multiperson- you can use different means of transportation (metro/bus/tramway).

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Thanks, Enric. Long line bus recommendations would be great.
I did the hop on hop off last time here but was just looking for some good local routes.
Am staying in Eixample.
Any cheap eats nearby would be great. Like ethnic.
Last night went to Rosa Negra had pretty good Mexican.

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Long routes:
I personally like #92 as well as #22, both north-south or, like we locals refer it to: sea-to-mountain. Also #150 can be interesting. Check and choose "Bus", you'll be able to plot the different lines in the map.

Never know what you mean when you say 'ethnic' sorry, as this term has different meaning for different people. Also, something that can be ethnic for you might not be for me... (ethnic cuisine as in "foreign" is Burger King for us, hahaha!)

Anyway, some ideas for international cuisines of the top of my head (just a small sample, eh!):

Thai?... three great ones in , and
Fish and seafood (affordable!)?...
More Mexican? or for something informal -which includes Chido One too.
Japanese? I love in Gràcia
Argentinian (meat lovers)? -but it ain't cheap!
Taste of Ucraine? -unassuming, very homy.
Syrian? Ugarit, it's a chain and is cheap yet quite good. Plenty of them in Gràcia:
Castilian (another meat lover's paradise)?... and superb surroundings: --there are several in town but I prefer the one here in Tibidabo Avenue. Spectacular if you go at dusk: Bit up-market yet not 'unreachable'!
Cuban? used to be 'all right' -not great though- enough to taste a bit of Cuban food if you catch my drift.

... and then the traditional top-end ones... but I guess you can find those yourself in any reputable guide :))

Have a look at the 'bible' anyway:

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Thanks for the suggestions.
I see the route of the 22on the link.
The others will be surprises.
Wondering how do locals decide which Merce events to go to? For example, NG Banda I know but none of the other groups. For music is one stage area the most poular?

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Hi Ann,

Route #22 will take you from the old city (downtown) to Sarrià and Pedralbes, the poshest area in town where the mansions are located. Also it's the bus to catch to go to Monastir de Pedralbes ( a 12th century monastery -actually is a convent!- located in the upper side of town: which I strongly advice you to visit. One advantage of the upper side is that is mostly tourist-free (as in 'hurdles of tourists', hahaha!) Btw, if you've a sweet tooth, on your way there you ought to stop at Foix ( in Sarrià, one of the most traditional pâtisseries in town -and wander the area, which is like a small town in the city. It's located just yards from a #22 bus stop. And just around the corner of the main square ( you have two great restaurants: Neichel ( a top-end very cute place run by French chef Jean Louis Neichel and for a traditional Catalan cuisine gem El Vell Sarrià ( for a taste of the famous black rice or delicious fish and seafood dishes in a classy old ambiance. A visit to this part of town is certainly a must to radically change your perception of Barcelona and see that, aside the most centrally visited and crowded area there are plenty of other districts with charm and this is one of them. Once you've finished visiting the monastery, I advice a gentle downhill walk to Diagonal and the Pedralbes Palace Gardens and then to Parc de Cervantes ( The latest hosts the biggest collection of different classes of rose bushes in the South of Europe. It's a delight to visit in May/June when over 150,000 roses bloom.

La Mercè: it depends on your tastes, that's the reason there are 600+ events, ha! For choosing concerts... La Mercè is a showcase for well known groups as well as for young ones. I do Youtube searches to have an idea in order to decide whether I'm going to like this or that one or not. I'm afraid there isn't a 'favourite spot'... that's why there are so many spread across the city. Whatever you choose, don't miss the Pyromusical on the 24th. This was last year's:


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Enric, thanks for all the tips. We had a great lunch at Cantina Mexicana at Valencia 427 after returning to Sagrada Familia which is just amazing. Had the best chicken in mole ever. Good passion fruit frozen margaritas.

Was also thinking of youtubing the music acts. Last night started at Cathedral and moved to Placa Cataluna. Talked to a local couple who recommended the ska rumba act at the forum tonight.
Also hoping to check out the fire parade tonight. Any advice on where to see it but not be too close.
Have been to one in the south of Spain that was fun and probably smaller, but the tripadvisor forum posts sound scary.

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Hi Ann,

Glad you enjoyed La Cantina, haven't visited it for ages!, it's good to know they still 'got it'.

Firerun (correfoc in Catalan) would be a better word for it. It's very noisy but not dangerous per se if you follow the 'rules'. In any case, if I'm not mistaken you refer to the one going down Via Laietana, if so, it's a 4 lane avenue, the 'devils' (=guys with the fire :) as well as the 'eagle' will most likely be marching in the middle so if you stay in any of the sidewalks will be far enough.

In case anyone wonders... this is getting ready and this is the result Note that "diables" (or devils) wear special protective clothes and apparel, general public is advised to wear cotton clothing, something to cover the head (better a straw hat) and not to get too close to the devils.